Ageing Otherwise a series of events taking place in 2021 that explore the future of ageing and ageing research from an interdisciplinary perspective. Over the summer and fall 2021, join us as we probe the entanglements of technology with ageing, and debate our imagined futures as ageing subjects.

Ageing Otherwise proposes critical engagements with the often techno-utopian promises that underlie the development of technologies for the future of ageing. The series probes the ways in which new technologies that promise longer and healthier lives intersect with the everyday realities of older adults. What are the ethical, social and political implications of new generations of technologies? 

Ageing Otherwise comprises panels that bring together researchers and community activists in critical discussions around ageing. Workshops geared to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows also help us to reflect upon the methods and research dissemination practices that can help shape the future of ageing and ageing research.

Ageing Otherwise is co-organized by the Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) Lab and the engAGE Centre for Research on Aging, in collaboration with several partners.