Discussion panels and presentations

B/OLD: Aging in our city is about bringing people together through conversations about what it means to age in urban spaces. We have organized a series of exciting panel conversations and keynote addresses on topics such as housing, activism and diversity. B/OLD features over a dozen presenters from the university, the city, the media and the community.


B/OLD is taking over Concordia University’s 4th Space. We’ve devised a


A series of panel conversations, featuring over a dozen presenters, brings together researchers from several institutions who are conducting innovative research on the topic of ageing from diverse fields such as communication studies, psychology, education and fine arts. Researchers are put to the challenge of connecting their work to the lived realities of seniors in Montreal, and to communicate their research in ways that are accessible and engaging. Joining these researchers are local artists, activists and members of the community, all of whom are invited to explain how they work to examine, challenge or engage with the topic of later life.